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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Think Again, Code Pink

Before Code Pink half-wits picket Berkeley's USMC recruiting station, maybe they should read about the recruiters our recruiters are up against:
In an interview, two senior analysts who helped question the 48 captured fighters said the picture that emerges is of a cold and calculating process that recruits young alienated men who are social outcasts. Neither of the interrogators could be named for security reasons.

"Al-Qaida recruits these people from the Middle East and North Africa, hitting them at the most vulnerable time of the life," said one of the analysts with the U.S.-led Multinational Force.

The demand for many foreign fighters begins in places such as the dingy back streets of teeming Iraqi cities such as Mosul, where al-Qaida still holds sway.

An al-Qaida cell decides it needs two suicide bombers. It puts in an order which is funded by money made through racketeering, extortion and kidnapping. That request goes to Damascus, Syria, and to the facilitators and recruiters training young men in North Africa and Saudi Arabia. Three months later, the bomber is delivered, military investigators and officials say.

According to the U.S. military, records seized from al-Qaida show that 40 percent come from North African countries such as Libya and Algeria, and 41 percent from Saudi Arabia.

Al-Qaida in Iraq recruiters troll mosques for potential fighters — impoverished young men who are believed at odds with their family or angry at the West, the military summary says.

"They are experts at identifying these men" who are often sitting alone in mosques, one of the analysts said. "They befriend them, usually by saying that they are praying wrong and offering to correct it."

They then offer to help them with Quran studies, and that is the start of their indoctrination into the jihadi philosophy. (AP)
There is, I hope, a particularly hot and uncomfortable circle in Hell for jihad recruiters. If the meek -- the targets of these appallingly evil people-- are blessed, then damned, double-damned, are those who deliberately hunt them out and turn them into vessels of evil.

Of course, Code Pink will blame all this on America, instead of jihadist Islamism. When the intelligence recruiter was handing out brains, they must have been demonstrating at the "Breasts not Bombs" rally.

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