Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, February 01, 2008

Watcher's Winners

An interesting week at the Watcher's Council this week, seeing one three-way tie and one four-way tie.

Among the Council, Joshuapundit stood alone at the top o' the heap with his Energy independence: What it am and what it ain't. I had given the piece a 9+ because it's s solid run-down on the truth behind the energy picture, starting with how not buying Middle East oil won’t stop jihad, and ending with how we could achieve energy independence.

Then came the traffic jam at second. My choices for first and second, Bookworm Rooms' The Media, Richard Scaife, and the Never Ending Soros Connection and Colossus of Rhodey's About those lies, tied with Big Lizard's How to lie about lying. Amazingly, all three cued off the same thing -- the Soros-funded "study" of "Bush lies" -- and all had remarkably insightful things to say about it.

My humble entry got a big 2/3 of a vote. I believe I'm one of the Council's favorite blogs to cast a second place vote for. Sigh. There are so many deep thinkers on the Council that my lighter style is appreciated but not in a first-place kind of way.

Over on the non-Council side, a four-way tie for first was broken when The Watcher of Weasels goosed Dr. Sanity's The conclusion we dare not face into first. This got my first-place vote, too, since it ponders straight-up what we don't want to ponder, and what Bush has pondered deeply and worked hard to keep from happening: That Islam will turn out to be a hot, hate-driven enemy of the West.

You can see who ended up tied for second, along with all the other winners, here.

Thank you Watcher, for channeling this rising tide of excellence.