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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Samba To That Holocaust Beat

When I think of the holocaust, it makes me feel like ... dancing!

Or so it seems with the Unidos do Viradouro samba school, one of Rio's big samba schools and a primary Carnival participant. The group built the pictured float to be one of three in its presentation for Carnival, which starts this Sunday.

The Jewish Federation of Rio de Janeiro got a court order today prohibiting Viradouro from entering the float in the parade, but there are still a couple days available for the legal case to flip and even flop.

BBC quotes Viradouro's creative director saying the float is designed to be "a reminder that such an atrocity should never be repeated." No dancers were going to be around the float, the group says.

That may be a noble motivation, if true. But a noble motivation in an inappropriate venue cannot remain noble. File this under "What were they thinking?"

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