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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UFOs And Global Warming

The League of Conservation Voters is getting hot under the collar due to global warming -- more specifically, due to the media's lack of focus on the Big Hot Button Issue of the Greenie movement.

Would you believe the MSM have asked presidential candidates about as many questions about global warming as they have about UFOs? That might be excusable -- after all, neither phenomenon has been proven to exist.

Salon isn't happy about this state of affairs, quoting a League of Conservation Voters quickie study of transcripts of TV interviews and debates conducted by CNN's Wolf Blitzer, ABC's George Stephanopoulos, MSNBC's Tim Russert, Fox News' Chris Wallace and CBS's Bob Schieffer. Through January 25, 171 interviews with the candidates and 2,975 questions asked, only six mentioned the words "climate change" or "global warming."

The League is all uppity:
"Global warming is unequivocally one of the biggest issues facing the nation and the planet, and one of the issues that the next president will have the greatest impact on. And yet we've gone through the longest presidential primary in our nation's history, and these reporters are ignoring the most pressing issue," says Navin Nayak, director of the global warming program of the League of Conservation Voters.
Nayak (rhymes with "kayak," which we'll all need if his hysterics prove founded) is missing one little point: No one knows more about what is on the mind of the American voter than presidential wannabees, who spend millions of dollars probing what they should talk about and what they should say.

That global warming is not an issue in the campaign should tell any intelligent observer (Nayak apparently fails this test) that all the presidential pollsters have found the same compelling reasons to not talk about global warming: The people of America don't want to hear it.

Maybe after the campaign's wrapped up, the now-hidden details of this story will come out and we'll begin to see what I've expected all along: A strong cynicism of the extremist position staked out by the Gorites.

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