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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Soviet Watch: Russia Threatens Kosovo

Vladamir Putin is still the president of Russia, and Russia remains the world's biggest bully:
Russia warned Kosovo's leaders Wednesday that if they declare independence the territory will never become a member of the United Nations or other international political institutions.
Kosovo, which is run by the UN (what a nightmare that must be!), is hoping to declare its independence from Serbia in February -- but Russia intends to veto such a move. America and England support Kosovo's independence, of course, but it really gets Moscow's goat:
"Going down the way of unilateral moves, Kosovo is not going to join the ranks of fully recognized members of the international community," [Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin] said. "It may get some recognitions, regrettably ... but it's not going to come to this building as full-fledged member of the international community. It's not going to be able to join other political international institutions."
Maybe this photo of Kosovo students demonstrating for independence has something to do with Russia's pro-Serbia, anti-freedom stand:

Could it be that Russia is afraid of too much independence in the Balkan states?

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