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Monday, January 14, 2008

"America's Sheriff" Resigns In Disgrace

Mike Carona, the OC Sheriff deified by the media over his handling of the kidnapping of Samantha Runyon early in his tenure, naming him "America's Sheriff," resigned in disgrace today after being charged with a bucket-load of corruption charges.

The resignation makes it possible for Carona, who we now know was always looking for a financial advantage, to accept pro bono legal services from a couple white collar crime defense crook-freers attorneys. The OC Reg quotes Carona:
“Although this is one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made, my family, my staff and my lawyers all believe that this is the right time to take my retirement. This action will permit me to focus on vindicating my name and refuting the false charges which have been made against me and my wife.”
He apparently is not interested in clearing the name of his mistress, Debra Hoffman, who was also charged.

The charges against Carona are pathetically simple: He accepted gifts (cash, a Cartier watch, tickets at sporting events) in return for favors (concealed weapons permits, badges, and access to Sheriff's Dept. resources).

So, here are the attys Carona now gets to hire (while he enjoys a taxpayer-funded retirement):
  • Brian Sun, who victoriously defended Wen Ho Lee, who was charged with being a Chinese spy, who I think is nothing more than a skunk who skated.

  • John Cline, who defended a couple guys a like a lot more: Oliver North and Scooter Libby.
The defense better get its act together. I don't want to see America's Sheriff become America's embarrassment.

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