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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The City Of Lights (And Rain)

Incredible Daughter #1 is in Paris for the next 10 days on a French/French History class trip with her Chapman University colleagues. She's got the spiffy new camera we got her for Christmas and a writing skill she inherited from somewhere ... and she's putting it all together on her Historical Paris blog.

She's only just arrived and she's already got some great stuff up -- 32 photos, some interesting history and more than a little cultural analysis.

On the cultural analysis front, here's a bit of art that's not too sympathetic to America ... art that's hanging in her hotel room (which I am paying for?!):

But it's worth it, because she's also seeing this:

Her next post will be after her trip to the Louvre, so be sure to bookmark her blog for a while and keep up with her adventure. (And leave a comment; it'll give her a thrill!)

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