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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Pandering Party Gets It Wrong (Again)

John Edwards voted for the Yucca Mountain (NV) nuclear storage facility when he was in the Senate. Now that the Dems are whoring for votes in Nevada, guess what? He's against it!

Here's the NYT live blogging segment from the debate on the Yucca yuks:

10:27 p.m. | Yucca Mountain All three Democrats want to end the nuclear storage facility at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, in the same state where this debate is taking place. That happens to be the position of the Democrats’ majority leader, Harry Reid, who is from Nevada.

But Mr. Edwards takes his time to draw a difference among them, that Mr. Obama wants to build new nuke plants, Mrs. Clinton is agnostic on the question, and he, Mr. Edwards, is against any new plants. This gives Mrs. Clinton the chance to point out, gently, “But John, you did vote for Yucca Mountain, twice.”

Interesting that she’s been studying up on his record. What else is in the suitcase tonight?

While it's not mentioned there, Obama's against Yucca, too. What a shocker.

In an only slightly less irresponsible comment, Obama said he opposed dumping at Yucca even though his home state of Illinois has the most nuclear plants. Let's see whether we follow the logic: His state is contributing more to the problem than any other, but he opposes the only likely solution. (USA Today)

So among the potential Dem next presidents, one has found Gaea and is pandering to the Deep Greens, who want to forsake nuclear power forever, all the while bemoaning global warming, and two are OK with nuclear power, but only if you store the waste at each power plant site, where it cannot be secured for centuries, where it's close to big population centers, and where it's vulnerable to terrorist attack.

That's vision, my friends! That's CHANGE!

That's also why we can't trust the Dems with our future. If there were another site secure enough to deal with the Achilles heel of nuclear power, we would have found it. There isn't; it's Yucca Mountain or nothing.

Clinton and Obama are too terrified to make this point in Nevada, home of Harry Reid, and home of Dems who have made it their premier head- in- the- oh- so- prevalent sand issue in desert Nevada. Why? Because unlike the GOP, the Dems don't understand concepts like "greater public good."

This is curious, because at the macro level, i.e., when they're hiding in the distant bowels of Congress, they put the government above the individual, driving us to the Nanny State. At the local level, however, they stand for the Glorious Individual, who is supreme ... but only when you have to look those individuals in the eye.

Being the president of America requires having to make difficult decisions. Once again, the Dems have proven than pandering is their expertise, not leadership. And unfortunately, America is a country where the majority are registered members of the Pander To Me! Party.

Oh, did I say Yucca Mountain was the only viable nuclear waste disposal site? Today's USA Today editorial proves me wrong:
In the East, a spot that has been discussed as a promising place to store nuclear waste is the granite formations of, yes, New Hampshire, home to the nation's first presidential primary. As if!

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