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Monday, January 07, 2008

Hillary Doesn't Take My Advice


Last week, I very kindly offered Hillary Clinton some free advice: Change the "Ready for Change" bit because you, Madam, do not symbolize change. I even offered up a new tagline: Tested. Trusted. Ready. (I know the middle one is a lie, but this is politics, folks.)

She's not listening. Jeff Earl writes this a.m. in a NY Post piece lovingly titled Hil Trailing and Flailing:
Clinton - whose inner circle is girding for a possible defeat in New Hampshire's primary tomorrow - ran through issues where she said Obama's words didn't match his deeds, repeating each time, "That's not change."
She should have listened. Attack politics chummied up with bad messaging isn't going to help her -- especially since an unfortunate phenomenon of woman campaigners is that their attacks turn off every man in the audience, as she becomes the embodiment of his hated ex.

With Obama up by 13 points, Clinton has to recast her campaign. Cheating by busing in volunteers from out of state to pack her New Hampshire rallies isn't going to do it.

The problem with Hillary and change is that she is who she is, and has been her entire political life. [Looking at that last sentence, I sure hope you know what the meaning of "is" is.] The change that Hillary needs to make -- to be someone else, so she can come off as someone else -- is too big a change for her to make.

Update: She really, really should have listened, as Drudge says she may drop out.

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