Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Reading

Here's the Watcher of Weasel's smorgblogsboard for your reading pleasure. The Watcher's Council has nominated:

Council links:

  1. The Never-ending U.D. Thought-control Saga
    The Colossus of Rhodey
  2. Carnage
    Done With Mirrors
  3. The Visual Imagery Society
    The Glittering Eye
  4. Today's Non Sequitur: San Fran's Bohemian Intolerance
    The Education Wonks
  5. Legacy of Legacies
    Soccer Dad
  6. The Gap Between Critics and the Rest of Us
    Bookworm Room
  7. Arabs Coming To Annapolis
    Rhymes With Right
  8. "Apt Natural -- I Have a Gub"
    Big Lizards
  9. Dealing With Disinformation
  10. Still No Evidence 9/11 Nuts Rule
    Cheat Seeking Missiles
  11. Buchanan's New Book: “Prepare Ye for the End”
    Right Wing Nut House
Non-council links:
  1. Bowling with Others
    Commentary Magazine
  2. One Lesson from Life of Logan Man: History Matters
    Better Living: Thoughts from Mark Daniels
  3. A Remarkable Disconnect From Context and Causation
  4. Another Victory for Colorblind Government Policy
    La Shawn Barber's Corner
  5. What's Happening on the "Street"
    West Bank Mama
  6. The American Non-Empire
    Captain's Quarters
  7. America Magazine: Two Items on Summorum Pontificum: A Jeer and a Reflection
    What Does The Prayer Really Say?
  8. 50,000 By November?
    Captain's Quarters (2)
  9. US Withholding Reports That Are Critical of Abu Mazen's "Security Forces"
    Israel Matzav
  10. Letter from the Front: Turkey Day in Tikrit
    Michelle Malkin
  11. Outrage in Annapolis
    Eternity Road
  12. Have Our Copperheads Found Their McClellan in Retired LTG General Sanchez?
    Wolf Howling
  13. Hugo the Truther
Council members vote Thursday; results will be posted here Friday p.m. Happy reading, and thanks, Watcher, for the delicious spread! No left-overs here!