Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Reading

The Watcher of Weasels has posted this week's feast of blog main dishes, side disses (heh!) and desserts, for your enjoyment and edification as you relax and give thanks over the next couple days. Enjoy!

Watcher's Council
members will vote Thursday night and winners will be posted Friday ... whenever I get around to rolling out of the sack.

Council links:

  1. Who Won't Be the Next President
    The Colossus of Rhodey
  2. What I Didn't Read in the NY Times
    Soccer Dad
  3. Desertion in Perspective
    Done With Mirrors
  4. Iran's Nuclear Development
    The Glittering Eye
  5. Prophets in a Freudian Age
    Bookworm Room
  6. Charting a New Course In Iraq Messaging
    Cheat Seeking Missiles
  7. Blood's a Rover
    Big Lizards
  8. LA Auto Show 2007 -- Expectation Leads to Disappointment... Again
    ‘Okie’ on the Lam
  9. Administrative Buffoonery: Test Company Gets an "F"
    The Education Wonks
  10. Kennedy Calls for Rape of Justice At Supreme Court
    Rhymes With Right
  11. The Infantilization of American Politics
    Right Wing Nut House
  12. Lebanon's Presidential Election Postponed -- Again
Non-council links:
  1. Dissecting Media "Bias": The Case of Eric Alterman
    Oliver Kamm
  2. Money: Charity, Politics, Power and Vanity
    Somewhere on A1A...
  3. The Ultimate War Simulation Game
  4. The Irrationality of Europe
    The Van Der Galiën Gazette
  5. Why Lincoln Beat McClellan
    The Jerusalem Post
  6. Al Dura Affair: France 2 Cooks the Raw Footage
    Pajamas Media
  7. Next Generation of US Army COIN Leadership? (Updated)
    Small Wars Journal
  8. Good News Leaks Past the Embargo On Good News...
    The Anchoress
  9. Sleepwalking Through History
    Dr. Sanity
  10. On the Other Side?
    Eternity Road
  11. Agreed: God Hates Sex
    Classical Values
  12. Farewell Israel: A Review
    Seraphic Secret
  13. Injustice for All
    TFS Magnum
  14. Another Puzzled Muzzled
Thanks, Watcher!

p.s.: Even if you're not nominated, your post can be viewed by all here -- just follow the rules of the Watcher's offer of link whorage.