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Friday, November 02, 2007

New Media And America's Most Influential Conservatives

I quibble with some of the Telegraph's selections of the 20 most influential conservatives in America, but from their viewpoint across the pond, they did a pretty good job.

Quibbles: Are Giuliani (#1) and McCain (#9) really seen by conservatives as conservatives? And where is George Bush? Many of his picks and inner circle are on the list (Petraeus, #2, Cheney, #6, Gates, #7, Roberts, #8, Rice, #12, Bolton, #13, Gillespie, #20), but W is nowhere to be seen.

What's particularly interesting about the list is what it says about the media. The old media is nearly nonexistent on the list; only Paul Gigot, the editorial page editor of WSJ, makes the list, coming in at #14. The Telegraph's list of most influential liberals in America doubles that count, with Michael Moore (#7) and Oprah Winfrey (#9), but I think they're undercounting. At a minimum, Don Hewitt, the producer of 60 Minutes, should be on the list, as should Andrew Rosenthal, who chairs the editorial board at the NYT.

New media grab a full 20 percent of the Telegraph's most influential list, starting with Matt Drudge at #3 and running through Rush, #5, Laura Ingraham, #15, and Glen Beck, #18. On the liberal side, I my top 20 list would include Kos and the Blades/Boyd team at, but no others. The Telegraph puts Kos at #12 and B/B at #20, but adds Ariana Huffington at #16.

Most interesting pick: Arnold Schwarzenegger as the eighth most influential liberal -- actually a very astute pick. He wouldn't be California's governor if he weren't a liberal. One has to wonder if there's room for the classic old liberal Republican now days, or whether the RINO label has made the position unmarketable.

Biggest burn: Elizabeth Edwards made the most lib list at #19, but her hubby didn't break into the top 20.

Best discussion generator: Rudy as the #1 most influential conservative in America. The biggest drag on his campaign is his liberal positions on social issues -- but that doesn't seem to discount him under the British definition of conservative.

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