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Monday, October 29, 2007

Have You Heard Them, General Tom?

With apologies to David Bowie for the headline, and a quick answer "Yes" to the question, let's get on with Gen. Tom McInerney's statement today on Fox News regarding Saddam Hussein's secret tapes.

I'd forgotten about them frankly, and in case you have too, here's some background. They constitute at least twenty hours of Saddam acting like Nixon, recording his most secret conversations. Siezed after the fall of Baghdad, they have been mostly kept under wraps by the US command since then.

It's evident from the limited translated transcripts that were released that Saddam was mad for WMDs and dedicated to trouncing UN efforts to get info on his programs, yet they stay buried in secrecy.

The Left is convinced they're buried because they contain definitive proof that Saddam wasn't pursuing WMDs -- but they're stuck in the denial quagmire. McInerney's explanation is much more compelling: That Russia, China and other "allies" were so complicit in arming Saddam that we have decided to keep the tapes secret.

Well, fie on that! Let the truth be told, and let the cards lie where they fall.

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