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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Idiot Leftist Sloganeering

This incredibly stupid chick is showing off a T-shirt that in turn shows off the incredible stupidity of the left.

The act of making money does not take money away from others. Witness Bill Gates, who has made a lot of money. Is there more poverty in the world because of Gates? No, of course not. More frustration, for sure, but economically, it's clear that there is more money in the world, more people living well, than there would be had Gates not cobbled together Microsoft.

Ditto the Monopoly fat cat resting on her chest. The quintessential old school rich guy, be he a railroad mogul or a real estate magnate, did not make people poor because he was rich. In fact, they employed thousands, and endowed libraries and universities, hospitals and foundations, all dedicated to improving humanity.

What did the Socialists of the era provide? Rhetoric, for sure, and lots of it, but it's tough to make a good meal out of rhetoric. They also made big government, which has proven to be considerably less efficient than rich people at lifting people out of poverty.

But in fairness, we have to admit that there are rich people who are indeed a drain on society -- the aristocratic rich. But these trust fund babies tend to be socialists, not capitalists, so our gal remains utterly stupid, a rebel without a clue.

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