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Friday, September 21, 2007

"We're From The Government. We're Here To Poison Your Children."

Speaking of lead from China (see below), how about this little story of our trusted governmental protectors hard at work?
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -About 56,000 lunch boxes distributed by California in an effort to promote healthful eating may contain lead, and state officials Thursday urged consumers not to use them.

Tests found elevated levels of lead in three of the boxes, which were made in China [China?! Whodda thunkit?!] and given out at health fairs and other events, said officials of the state Department of Public Health. They carried a logo saying, "Eat fruits and vegetables and be active."

"Certainly it's unfortunate that an item we're using to hopefully promote healthy behavior is then discovered to be a potential health hazard," the department's director, Mark Horton, told reporters in a conference call.

A test by the Sacramento County Health Department in July indicated the boxes contained lead, he said. Several weeks of more sophisticated testing confirmed the presence of lead "in multiple parts of the box," including the logo, he said.

Asked why it took so long to issue a warning to the public, Horton said: "I think we took the appropriate steps based on the information available to us at the time." (AP via Forbes)

Democrats, please note: The dirty, greedy capitalists you hate so withdrew the products immediately, while the Governmental Guardians you love so hemmed and hawed and developed strategies to cover their asses while your children were exposed to the lead-laced lunch boxes.

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