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Friday, September 28, 2007

Watcher's Winners

There was a perfect symmetry at the Watcher of Weasel's gathering of great blog-writing this week, as we sojourned back to the 30's with both the Watcher's Council winner and the non-Council winner.

Bookworm took top honors among the Council members with her Cosmic Ironies, the difficult tale of her ancestry, and how it was torn asunder by Hitler and the Nazis. To find the cosmic irony, you'll just have to read the piece -- it's quite something!

Rafael Medoff's post on History News Network, Columbia "Invites Hitler to Campus" -- As It did in 1933 took top honors among non-council members. This is history as it should be, illuminating and relevant -- with a good bit of "I didn't know that!" tossed in.

Back to the Council, Big Lizards was once again excellent this week, coming in second. (It wouldn't be a week without BL up there somewhere!) His post The Human Touch finds a less obvious – and better — solution to immigrants from terror-sponsoring states.

I was happy to see my post, Gates' Iraq Agenda Short on Democracy, coming in third against such exceptional competition.

Second place on the Non-Council side went to Dr. Sanity's Islam and Marxism: A Marriage Made in Allah's Socialist Paradise. It's frightening to think that Islam could gain broad appeal among the angry and the disaffected -- I'd rather have Lenin back!

Also of note was third-place-winning The Next Iranian Revolution by Michael Totten. It's long, but valuable, because it really details the various revolutionary groups and the prospects for revolution in Iran. I posted on it earlier here.

You can find all the winners at Watcher of Weasels.

Thanks again, WoW, for ringmastering this circus.