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Friday, August 31, 2007

Worthy Winners

While I (deservedly) got skunked in this week's Watcher's Council critique of some of the best posts in the blogosphere, I am certainly not disappointed in the results. Put good posts and good judges together and you get worthy winners.

Amoung the Council members, my #2 pick was #1 an my #1 was #2:

Big Lizards' NYT: Analogies Are Meaningless (Unless They Favor the Left) came in first. I found this one delightfully nasty -- a solid and biting analysis of how desperately the leading paper of the left struggled to discount Bush's recent analogy of Iraq to Vietnam.

Also criticizing the media was Soccer Dad, whose Separate But Unequal, that looked once again at the NYT, this time at the differences in its coverage of an Islamic charter school and a Hebrew one.

Over on the non-Watcher side, exposes of bogus, anti-war news stories took the top two honors.

Do, if you haven't already, click over to Dissident Frogman's Like a Suppository, Only a Bit Stronger and be sure to click the video link. You'll howl as he sardonically destroys AFC for allowing itself to be duped by its ignorance and anti-Americanism. What a bunch of rubes!

Confederate Yankee's Misfire: AP's Bogus Ammo Shortage Story is something we don't see enough of from Conservative bloggers: Real reporting. CY found a flaw in a story about the war's effect on police ammo supplies and actually reported it, talking to ammo manufacturers to get to the bottom of the story -- which was just another case of laziness and bias competing as the major feature of MSM reporting.

I also really liked Dr. Sanity's Anticipation and Denial, which came in third.

See all the winners here.

As always, thank you Watcher for stirring this pot of tasty stew.