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Friday, August 17, 2007

Watcher's Winners

Mr. Discernment here.

In this week's Watcher of Weasels blogfest of the best o' the blogs, the Watcher's Council entry I ranked #1 came in first, and my #2 pick came in second. They are:

  1. Big Lizard's The 'Don't' Make Waves' Theory of Iraqi Politics. BL gives us a new way to measure success in Iraq and it's obvious: Success should be measured in military terms, not the progress of Iraqi politics toward becoming a government we recognize. If Iraq works pretty well with a government very different from ours, what difference does it make? It's a strategic error -- the sort of bullheaded mistake the Left accuses Bush of -- to try to force the Iraqis to govern just as we do.

  2. Bookworm Room's Political Fairy Tales, a classic BW piece -- a wide-ranging romp in many delightful directions ... but laser focused on an important topic, in this case, the Left's ability to create sympathetic tales that take the focus off the facts.

Slipping in right behind these two was good ol' me, with Globalization Killed the Bison?!, proof of Book's theory, since it's on the subject of the false tales the Greenies tell to further their movement and their fundraising.

Over on the non-Council side, Mr. Discernment ruled again, nailing the picks.

Coming in first was Small Wars Journal's General James Mattis -- Attacking the al Qaeda "Narrative". As a communicator who is concern about how ineptly we've waged the communications war on terror, this is the piece I've been looking for. Gen. Mattis tells us of how we have developed language that uses Islamic beliefs against the jihadists. Brilliant.

Next was Captain's Quarters delightful bust of a Lefty political scammer, Progressive for Racist Smears. There's a Santa Monica lawyer, Henry Reynolds, who must be hating the Capt. for showing the world how he rigged up a phony KKK Web site and made it appear to be a Fred Thompson support site. Swine. Amoral, hypocritical, disgusting, Leftist swine.

You can email Henry and tell him what you think -- it's

You can see all the winners here.

As always, thank you Watcher for gassin' up this jalopy.