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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let No Ache Go Unpunished

Here's more proof, if you need it, that Bush is the fuel for the Dem machine. Without W to whine and rant about, the party without ideas, the party without huevos, would simply run out of gas.

When the results of the Prez' recent physical were released, disclosing that he was treated successfully for Lyme Disease, Dem mouthpiece The Dem Daily, had this to say (and it wasn't "We're glad he's better."):
Thw [sic] White House could have used the opportunity to alert the public on Lyme Disease, it’s [sic] symptoms and treatment. Instead at the time they found it, they kept it secret. Color me perplexed… Just another little tick about the Bush Administration… Secrets.
Not concerned about the people, secretive: That's quite a conclusion to draw from this episode.

I offer this alternative: Bush is a man. He doesn't go around complaining of every little ache and pain, and despite being in the highest office on the planet, he doesn't care all that much for celebrity.

But of course there are other explanations: Rove planted the tick to take the focus off Gonzales; Bush's stubbornness on Iraq is the result of tick-caused retardation; John Edwards, who, as we know, is adept at profiting from medicine, planted the tick; Fox News knew about it but didn't report it; he contracted it in Crawford ... suspiciously close to Cindy Sheehan; Homeland Security dropped the ball by not raising the Lyme Disease alert from chartreuse to lime green ...

... and on and on. We're lucky we got away with one jibe.

hat-tip: memeorandum

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