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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jude Law's "Can't We All Just Get Along?" Moment

"There has never been a day of global ceasefire in the recorded history of mankind," Jude Law tells the cameras while promoting the UN's effort to establish Sept. 21 as Global Peace Day.

The idea is to get all sides in every conflict on the face of the earth to lay down their arms for one day and, well, give peace a chance. To promote the idea, Law, director Jeremy Giles and a production crew were secretly jetted into Afghanistan to shoot not a Talibani or two, which would contribute to peace, but a documentary film on peace, which won't.

Law's really, really committed though, telling the assembled pressies in Kabul today:
Peace Day is about all of us recognizing the day, and so for everyone listening and watching, and to all of you here, please make your commitments to the day because each and every one of our commitments makes a difference.
Oh, I like the idea of a Global Peace Day as much as the next guy, and would like a global peace year or decade or millennium even more, but that quote could easily be nominated as Feel-Good Liberal Poppycock Quote of the Year.

Face it, my commitment to Global Peace Day means absolutely nothing, since I'm not planning on taking up arms against anyone on Sept. 21, and I doubt your commitment is any more meaningful.

If our troops in Afghanistan were to honor the day, they would become peaceful indeed, eternally peaceful, since the Taliban most certainly will have nothing to do with this silliness.

The UN sent Law, Giles and a production ensemble that must have been of magnificent (and expensive) proportions to Afghanistan to film the documentary at a cost that curiously was not disclosed at the press conference or the UN news releases.

Whatever it was, it was wasted to all but but the Libs. For them, a moment of feeling they've symbolically done something for peace is worthwhile indeed. For the rest of us, actually killing someone who doesn't want peace seems a more worthwhile venture.

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