Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Plame Game Petering Out?

Valerie Plame's lawsuit against Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby and other bogeymen has been tossed by a federal judge on jurisdictional grounds, a legal term that means, "You've been trying to create a scandal here for a couple years now and you've still got nothing, nothing, nothing. Go away."

You can read the story here, but the gist of it is this: Plame was trying to get get courts to award her damages because the leak had made her fabulously famous and wealthy. She also accused Cheney and Libby of leaking, when everyone knows it was Richard Armitage. But so what? Cheney and Libby deserve to be hauled into court because they're ... they're ... they're ... Cheney and Libby for cryin' out loud!

Fringe Dems have held onto the Plame Game until their knuckles have atrophied because it's all they've got. There's been Cunningham and Abramoff, for sure, but no scandals have touched the White House in six long years of their pushing, prodding and probing. Plame was all they had, and now, she's hanging onto a fingernail, a breath away from falling into the utter insignificance she deserves.

Not that it will make any difference to the Fringe. They will continue to hold her up as the High Priestess of Bush Hatred Syndrome, and no facts will ever diminish her pulsing, pea-green, paranoid glow.