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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Global Warming: Garbage In, Garbage Out

In the foreground of this photo is a temperature monitoring station in Arizona, one of thousands of such stations that dump their data into the Great Global Warming Machine to show how dire our state has become.

What's that all around it? Asphalt. That stuff gets pretty hot in Arizona!

What's that in the background? The backsides, i.e., hot sides, of huge air conditioning units. Those things hardly ever turn off in Arizona!

Do you suppose the findings from this particular temperature monitoring site might be running a bit hotter than rigorous scientific protocols would allow? If your answer is yes, you're right.

John Brignell at Numberwatch picks up a quote from the late John Daly warning about weather stations like this:
The only way surface data can be used with any confidence is to exclude all town/city and airport data - no exceptions. Only rural sites should be used, and by `rural’ is meant strictly `greenfields’ sites where there is no urbanisation of any kind near the instrument. Even when greenfields stations are used, those which are technically supervised (eg. managed by scientists, marine authorities, the military etc.)should be treated with greater credibility than those from sheep stations, post offices and remote motels.
Perhaps the photo is an extreme example, perhaps not; in any case, the global warming establishment is being extremely cavalier about setting standards for data collection if it's allowing any data from any such sites into its databases -- and it is. Brignell shows the effect of the sloppiness of global warming data collection by showing us two charts. I'll reverse his order, because it's more impactful this way.

First, here's the data from global groundstations that monitor warming:

This is the Global Warming Bible reduced to charts. Things progress similarly on land and sea (i.e., the decks of boats, on metal, probably near some exhaust vent) -- cool until the middle of the 20th century and then raising dramatically.

Such charts demand that we ban coal, shred Hummers and dial back our quality of life. But are these reasonable demands? To answer the question, here's Brignell's second chart, this one compiling weather data from satellites:
As the caption says, "The Southern Hemisphere is the same temperature as it was 28 years ago, the Northern Hemisphere has warmed slightly."

The difference?

Simple. Satellites are built by rocket scientists while global warming is conceptualized by various advocate-scientists who care less about the calibration and accuracy of their equipment. You can't re-calibrate something that's traveling at 20,000 miles an hour a couple hundred miles overhead, so you do it right to begin with.

So, who are you going to believe? Brignell considers all this and concludes that global warming is indeed caused by humans -- sloppy humans who don't follow proper procedures and therefore work with sloppy data and get unbelievable results.

hat-tip: Greenie Watch

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