Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, June 22, 2007

Watcher Winners

There are two resident Watcher's Council experts on Israel and the enemies it faces -- Joshuapundit and Soccer Dad. This week, Joshuapundit topped the charts with an excellent piece, Gaza Becomes Hamastan, Part 2 -- Clarity and an Opportunity.

My post, Muslim And Christian? In One Body? came in second, and I was happy to see our new Watcher and my old buddy, Okie on the Lam, coming in third with Happy Father's Day To the "Dragon Slayer". I loved that piece; reading about his dad made me think I was reading about mine.

An honorable mention from me to Done With Mirrors for A Tragic Case, which I thought was a terrific and very moving post.

My nomination for best non-Council post, Michael Yon's Be Not Afraid, topped that list followed by a post with a name that you'd think would instantly disqualify it due to ho-humminess, but it deserved its silver ribbon: Beware: Misleading Income Statistics Are Coming Your Way from Back Talk.

You can see the full rankings here, at the Watcher of Weasles' site. As always, Watcher, thanks for throwing this little party.