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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And The CO2 Crown Goes To ... China!

China now puts more CO2 into the atmosphere than any other nation on earth -- surging past the U.S. last year as its CO2 belch grew by 9 percent -- six times more than the U.S. output grew.

To crank out that much greenhouse gas, the Chinese switched on two new electricity generation stations a week. A week. All without state-of-the-art emission systems.

And how did Western Greenies respond to this assault on their precious Gaea? No surprise: They blamed us. Natch.

Here are the Warmie talking points, from BBC. Natch.
  • Most of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have been put there by developing countries without the constraint of having to worry about the climate. That means we should bear the leading edge of responsibility.

  • Much of China's emissions growth was being driven by consumers in the West buying Chinese goods.

  • China's emissions per person were still well below those of rich nations.

  • We should export clean technology to China to decrease the carbon footprint of the goods we buy from them.
My, but the Greenies are quick to cut the Commies some slack.

Are we getting Greenie sympathy for the carbon footprint of our exports? In 2006, we exported $1.5 trillion in goods and services, so shouldn't other countries be rapped for transfering their carbon footprints to us?

And it's not as if China isn't hauling in the megabucks from our decision to buy stuff from them. Why shouldn't the Warmies expect them to spend some of that money on clean technology -- all on their own?

But the Warmies can't bring themselves to criticize China because it is, after all, you know, uh, a Socialist state, and they know that for their vision of a Warmiocracy to rule the world, they're going to have to do it through a Socialist economic model.

And because of that, when faced with evidence that the Chinese are polluting with gay abandon, they can only do what Warmies do best: blame capitalism.

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