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Monday, April 16, 2007

All European Women Should Wear Veils, Dutch Islamist Says

Men are pigs, so women should wear veils.

That's the backwards, reverse-assimilation thinking of all of Islam, of course, but also of Mostafa Chendid, one of the Danish Islamist leaders who toured the Islamic world with the Mohammed cartoons to instigate numerous Kartoonistan riots. Brussels Journal picks up the story:
According to Mostafa Chendid of the Danish Islamic Society (Islamisk Trossamfund), not only Muslim women but other women too should wear a veil. Why? Because five up to ten percent of all men can't control themselves when they see a woman without a veil. ...

According to him the veil also serves as a signal: women with a veil are "not for sale." Moreover, the veil protects against rapes, he says: in the US for example, every half minute a woman is raped, and according to him that's because women continuously tempt men by going onto the streets without a veil. Maybe not all men have a problem to control themselves when they see a woman without a veil, and perhaps there's only a problem with five to ten per cent of the men, but he says that's nevertheless enough for all women to wear the veil.
Methinks ol' Mostafa is projecting his own thoughts onto all men.

And he's not doing a particularly good job of it. Actually, the rape rate in the U.S. is more like one every six minutes, not every 30 seconds -- bad enough, but if you're going to criticize America, Islamo-bub, get your facts straight. And given that women who report rapes in whatever Sharia Hell-hole Mostafa fled from are shamed and outcast by family and society at best, or stoned or "honor killed" at worst, do you suppose rape just might be a tad unreported?

Let's crunch the numbers a bit more. If five to ten percent of the men can't control themselves when they see a woman with no veil, then in the U.S. that would be 750,000 to 1.5 million out of control men prowling about 365 days a year. Yet there are fewer than 90,000 reported rapes in the U.S. annually, so Mostafa's numbers are as screwed up as his sick, hateful religious beliefs.

He does have a point, though. When I see a woman in a veil, try as I might to think nice moderate Muslim thoughts, I think instead of 9/11. That sure kills the sex drive.

Besides, the Brussels Journal scribe if the problem is men, why does Islam repress women? Why not keep their hang-dog men locked up in houses and hidden under veils? Why not let the women go un-escorted onto the street, but allow the men out only with an escort?

That makes more sense -- but what's sensible about radical Islam?

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