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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Bombing Baha Brothers Fail At Jihad

Liberal apologists are going to have a tough time blaming America for this:
The U.S. consulate in Casablanca has shut down temporarily to beef up security a day after a suicide bomber blew himself up about 60 meters (yards) from the already fortified building, U.S. officials said on Sunday.

A statement from the U.S. embassy in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, did not say when the consulate would resume its services to the public.

The bombing took place seconds after another suicide bomber detonated his explosives belt nearly two meters (yards) away from the U.S. cultural centre on the same street. (Reuters)

I'm wracking my brain here, but I can't remember any "atrocities" perpetrated by the U.S. on Morocco or Casablanca. Nor can I recall any Israeli operations against hapless Palestinian terrorists carried out on Moroccan soil.

Look for the fingerprints of the Al Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb on this. The bin Laden franchise for north Africa claimed responsibility for twin blasts last week in Algeria that killed 33. I can't recall any U.S. or Israeli-led nastiness against Algeria, either. Maybe they confused us with the French.

Fortunately, the Moroccan bombers were incompetent boobs. Mohamed and Omar Baha succeeded only in killing themselves when they pushed their buttons. Killing or wounding no innocents, they will be frowned upon by Allah. No virgins for them!

Reuters also reports that the bombing ring there has been busted and the leaders gave up the names of all the groups' members (an endorsement for the efficacy of torture?). About 15 would-be bombers have not yet been rounded up, so there may be more attempted terror acts before this little bit of al Qaeda self-destructs (quite literally).

Blame it on Iraq, blame it on Guantanamo, blame it on Bush, blame it on the defeat of the Tripoli pirates in the 1800s, blame it on Wal-Mart -- whatever the Libs will do, they won't blame it on crazy, vicious, repressive radical Islam.

hat-tip: Breitbart
shamelessly manipulated photo: Mens News Daily

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