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Friday, March 23, 2007

Shocker! Intelligence From A French Court!

Imagine this: Somewhere in this world, there is a court intelligent enough to see the difference between Islam and Islamofascism ... and that court is in France!
The editor of a French satirical weekly was today found not guilty of insulting Muslims, following his decision last year to publish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that had attracted fury across the Muslim world.

A Paris court ruled this afternoon that Philippe Val, editor-in-chief of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, was innocent of the charge of making "public insults against a group of people because they belong to a religion".

The tribunal explained its ruling regarding one drawing, representing Muhammad wearing a turban with a bomb in it.

It said: "the drawing, taken on its own, could be interpreted as shocking for followers of this religion (Islam)." However, it had to be seen in the wider context of the magazine examining the issue of religious fundamentalism. Therefore, even if the cartoon "is shocking or hurtful to Muslims, there was no deliberate intention to offend them." (source)

Now, if only the rioting, embassy-burning hooligans who claim Islam as their religion could just be as intelligent as a French judge.

Fat chance. They're not even as smart as the Florida Supreme Court yet.

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