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Sunday, March 25, 2007

France Leads With Stupid, Yemen Counters With Idiotic

Here's a BBC story that captures beautifully the rudeness of the French and the primative anger of the Islamic world:
Security forces have been called in to tackle riots at a Yemen gas plant where a copy of the Koran is said to have been desecrated, security sources say. ...

Hundreds of rioting workers burnt cars and a helicopter at the French-run facility, sources told news agencies.

Unconfirmed reports say four Yemenis and a Frenchman were injured in the unrest and the engineer was evacuated. ...

"After a fight between a French engineer and another who is Yemeni, the Frenchman - to enrage the Yemeni - threw a Koran on the floor in an offensive way," a local official told AFP news agency, requesting anonymity.

The same agency said earlier that a Yemeni had been killed in the unrest.
I invite any Yemeni to go to Paris and throw a Bible on the ground -- even in an unoffensive manner, if he can find a way to do that. Heck, even go to the Bible Belt and do it.

He'll find no riots will result. The French don't care, and we know enough to know that the Bible and Koran are books, not God.

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