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Friday, January 19, 2007

100 Hours Later, Does America Feel Different?

Talk about a great victory for image over substance!

The 100-hour agenda of NanPo is finished -- in about half the time I thought it would be; wonderous what stuffing a rag in the mouth of your opposition can do for political debate.

Last night, the Dems passed legislation that would impose higher royalties on oil and gas companies for offshore leases and would end some subsidies and tax deductions they have been receiving. The rationale: record profits. The problem: Taxes don't cut profits; they raise prices.

Never mind. Three dozen vote-mongering Republicans joined the Dems on this one.

So NanPo's House has enacted 9/11 Commission recommendations, increased the minimum wage, expanded stem cell research, negotiated for lower prescription drug prices, cut interest rates on student loans and now smacked the oil companies. A check in every box.

Feel any different? Of course not. NanPo's just wasted 44 hours of floor time to pass a series of bills that can do nothing without the Senate and the President, and by not using her committees and by limiting debate, she's avoided the bothersome process of making amendments that would have made them better bills, more likely to stay something close to intact in the Senate.

Stage two is crash and burn for her platform. Senate action, joint committee action and presidential vetos will pretty much leave these bills a stinking pile of poo on the House floor. Bad dog, NanPo!

It's no wonder the Dems can't deal with the reality of Iraq; they can't even deal with the reality of DC.

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