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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Burned Up By Religion


Who says you can't get consumed by secularism?
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A man used flammable liquid to light himself on fire, apparently to protest a San Joaquin Valley school district's decision to change the names of winter and spring breaks to Christmas and Easter vacation.
In true liberal fasion, the man used the most common word in all moonbat liberaldom to explain this action, wearing a sign that said:
F*** the religious establishment and KHSD.
That would be Kern High School District. But religion and the school district weren't the only things on this guy's mind:
The man, who was not immediately identified, on Friday also set fire to a Christmas tree, an American flag and a revolutionary flag replica, said Fire Captain Garth Milam.
That should just about cover it: Christmas, Easter, religion, America ... and what? ... fighting for liberty? A disgruntled secular Tory?

I will never understand these liberals, but they sure are fun. I can say that because he only suffered first degree burns -- and as a friend of Incredible Daughter #1 (who gets a hat-tip for this story) put it, "First degree? That's it? Way not to protest, wuss!"

Update: Verum Serum has a complete write-up complete with troubling photos and a lot more compassion than I showed.

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