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Saturday, December 23, 2006

As Sanctions Near, A Plea For Jerusalem


As I write this, diplomats on the West River have just voted to impose sanctions against Iran. Even Qatar, like Iran, a Shi'a nation, joined in the Security Council vote.

The santions are weak, at the insistence of the Russians and Chinese. If the document voted on mirrors what was circulating yesterday, it would ban countries from suppplying specified materials and technology that Iran could use to further its s nuclear and missile programs., and freeze the assets of key companies and individuals in Iran's nuclear program.

In other words, the step-by-step side prevailed, and Europe and the U.S. did not.

Still, it is a victory because it is a step -- a step which Ahmadinejad has already said Iran will break in its quest for "peaceful" (yeah, right) nuclear power, putting us on a road not at all dissimilar to the road Saddam Hussein put us on when he ignored multiple UN resolutions.

Here's the pre-vote AP story on it. But here's the real story, by Lela Gilbert in the Jerusalem Post. Read it through; it tells us the stakes of the debate going on in the UN: Will Israel find a way to continue to exist -- at the expense of Iran -- or not?

I really don't think the question is whether there is a way. It seems to me that the question is whether there is a will. Is there enough Israeli fortitude, enough determination, enough hutzpa available right here, right now, to summon all the brains and brawn of this nation and put them to good use in stopping the Iranian madman and his mullahs in their tracks?

O Jerusalem, I hope so! Because as you have proved time and time again, if you possess the will, you will most certainly find the way.

O Jerusalem, it's just too bad you don't have many allies. That much is evident by how long it took to get to today's vote on watered down sanctions against Mullahs Gone Wild.

Hat tip: Real Clear Politics
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