Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Welcome To Agenda Journalism

John Murtha's corruption has been well known for decades, to the extent that there's a Murtha's Corner in the capital where supplicants kneel and beg the great man for a little pork. Harry Reid's real estate deal-making scandal was open for anyone to run with in the month before the election.

Yet neither man's improprieties made the news in the run-up to the mid-terms. Readers of CS-M know that Reid's story of scummy, self-serving real estate deals barely tipped our media bias index even at its apex, and dropped quickly off the radar while the Foley story stayed and stayed and stayed. (Here's the last of the eight or ten stories I did on the media bias index.)

Meanwhile, the Foley story, which was routinely maxing out Nexis at 1,000 hits before the election today turned up six measly stories. Even that's too many, as he's served his political purposes and should have long faded into insignificance, but it's obvious the media have lost interest in this story since election day.

Murtha's corrupt nature cranked out 35 Nexis hits today and Reid's 14. Hardly a media onslaught, but infinitely more coverage than either story received in the run-up to the election, when the MSM was only interested in GOP corruption.

MSM can proudly stand now and say no one is outside their oversight; Dem or Republican, they'll all feel the sting of investigative reporting if they stray from the public good. A fine claim if you don't put a timeline on it.

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