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Monday, November 27, 2006

SCOTUS Foils NYT Cover-Up Attempt

The NYT may think it's just hunky dory to tip off Islamic terror-funders to an upcoming FBI raid, then hide under the cover of protecting sources. The Supreme Court disagrees.

With just one sentence, the Supremes dispatched all the NYT power-lawyers and opened up the phone records of reporters Judith Miller and Philip Shenon, who the government thinks called two Islamic charities suspected of funding terror organizations.

As can be expected, AP's story on the matter is all about journalistic freedom and protection of soruces and virtually ignores national security, providing no information about proven cases where Islamic charities in the U.S. worked as fronts for Hezbollah, Hamas and other beheaders and baby killers.

Instead it treats us to eight paragraphs on press freedom and protection of sources, quoting three different sources. Only one counter viewpoint is aired in the 17-paragraph story:
The government says the fact that the reporters relayed disclosures from a government source to "targets of an imminent law enforcement action substantially weakens any claim of freedom of the press."
That appeared in paragraph 15, long after the big guns had been given their opportunity to tell us all about how much more important the press is than the people.

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