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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The "No Chance Of Victory" Phenomenon

Just as a mist wraps around a mountain, the anti-war media-political alliance has wrapped its hands around the words "no chance of victory" -- and they like it.

Now we learn that just as we supposedly can't win in Iraq, Nato can't win in Afghanistan. Reports the Times of London:
The British will never win in Afghanistan by military means and should open negotiations with the Taliban, according to the former leader of Pakistan’s forces in the border areas.
The negative prognosticator is Lieutenant-General Ali Mohammad Jan Aurakzai, currently governor of the ungovernable Pakistani North West Fronteir. He's the guy who's been negotiating away any chance of being victorious over rising Taliban influence in his province.

He can't win, so neither can NATO, and why can't they? Well, Aurakzai says, one thing is not enough troops and the other thing is:
“It is no longer an insurgency but a war of Pashtun resistance exactly on the model of the first Anglo-Afghan war.”
That would be the Pashtun resistance of 1839-42. As if one in ten Taliban knows anything about this bit of history.

So we're to believe victory is impossible whenever we fight Muslim countries? Why should we believe that? Because diplomats, politicians and reporters tell us it's so?

Sorry, I'll believe it when I see evidence Allah starts protecting them from bullets. There's a difference between tough to beat and no chance of victory.

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