Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, November 24, 2006

Carnage On A Slow News Day

As the funerals wend their way through the crowded streets of Sadr City, we have to ask ourselves, who are the insurgents in Iraq playing to?

Certainly not the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, as five car bombs exploded yesterday, killing over 200 and injuring even more.

But consider this: Thanksgiving is one of the slowest news days in America, a day that high doses of tryptophan ensure that the only news generated in the U.S. is that presidents and senators also fall asleep in their easy chairs after big Thanksgiving feasts.

Never before have the Iraqi terrorist insurgents set off five bombs at once, killing so many. That it happened on Thanksgiving, when there's no other news and our hearts are open with compassion, is no less an accident than it was that Washington chose Christmas Eve to cross the Delaware.

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