Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

GOP Gaining Pro-War Seats

Jean Schmidt has been certified as the winner in the tight 2nd Congressional District race in Ohio -- another argument against those who say the 2006 election gave the Dems a mandate on the war.

Schmidt, appointed after the resignation of Rob Portman, is a strong supporter of the War on Terror, voting consistently to expand our fighting and intelligence-gathering capabilities and against McCain's efforts to needlessly restrict interrogation proceedures.

Another consistent supporter of the war effort, Heather Wilson, brought the GOP one more seat, as her opponent conceded in a race with an 875-vote margin. Wilson is not the lightning rod Schmidt is, but it's another vote for Bush's policies.

According to WaPo, Republicans lead in all three of the remaining contested races. One has been certified the winner, but the sour grapes Dem opponent has not yet conceded to the will of the people; two hold good but not yet certified leads. The GOP could pick up a fourth seat, as Texan Henry Bonilla face a Dem challenger in a run-off Dec. 12.

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