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Friday, November 24, 2006

Bush-Big Oil Link Proved!

Here's the big news all the Bush-bashiers have been waiting for:
If you were a little suspicious of the way in which gasoline prices just happened to dive just before this month's midterm elections, this bit of news won't exactly put your mind at ease: After dropping 84 cents between Aug. 11 and Nov. 3, gas prices are up five cents in the first Lundberg Survey released after the Nov. 7 election.
That's from a post on Salon's War Room that had logged almost 700 Digg-Its when I viewed it on Wednesday. Yep, the Bush-Big Oil conspiracy theorists are lovin' this one: Gas prices fell 87 cents in the 12 weeks before the election, then rose five cents after the vote tally.

Of course, the story proves one thing to be definitively true: If there is a Bush-Big Oil conspiracy, it's not worth much.

The other thing it proves, as if this needs any more proving, is that conspiracy-loving Bush-haters love the emotion of hate more than the cold reality of facts. All you have to do is read the Lundberg Survey item linked to the War Room post to find:
  • Heating oil purchases -- not much of a factor before the election -- are more of a factor now.
  • OPEC -- not Bush's Texas cronies -- has been cutting production, putting upward pressure on prpices.
  • Neverthess, Lundberg expects continued price stability, not more increases.
Let's not let facts get in the way of our fears, eh?

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