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Sunday, November 19, 2006

An Archive For The Holocaust Deniers

Mah- I'm- in- the- moud for holocaust Ahmadinejad (rhymes with "Islamofascism is not just a fad") should be dragged kicking and screaming to the German resort town of Bad Arolsen and be forced to see the millions of holocaust-era documents held there by the International Tracing Service.

The archive of the Nazi persecution of Jews contains 16 miles of files that only now is becoming open to the public following 50 years of limited access.

There, Ahmadinejad could see the personal effects of those who died and see the miticulous record-keeping the Nazis compiled on each of the Jews it killed. He could read testimony like this, from a 21-year-old Russian resident of the camps:

"I saw with my own eyes how thousands of Jews were gassed daily and thrown by the hundreds into pits where Jews were burning. I saw how little children were killed with sticks and thrown into the fire."

Maybe it would help him to understand the heinous, inhuman nature of his threats against Israel. But in this crazy world, who can force human scum like Ahmadinejad to do what's right? And who believes for a minute that the contents of the archives would do anything to change Ahmadinejad's hatred?

To read a report on the archives at Bad Arolsen, click here.

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