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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Odds 10-to-1: Bush Reads Blogs

What conclusion can you make from this, other than Bush reads blogs?
President Bush is known as a plainspoken man, a straight-talker. So how did a word like "kerfuffle" come out of his mouth?

It's not an everyday word; it means a commotion or fuss. Bush casually used it during a question-and-answer session after a speech at the City Club here. Someone had asked about his administration's warrantless surveillance program, which has stirred concern about whether it exceeds the bounds of his authority and violates the law.

Saying the program had "created quite a kerfuffle in the press," Bush gave his rationale for authorizing it.

No question, the program has riled some Republicans and Democrats. But Bush may be the only politician who says it has caused a kerfuffle. An aide said he has heard Bush use the word privately before, but not in public.

Russ Feingold reduced to irrelevance with a single, three-sylable word. "Censure? Oh, that kerfuffle?"

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