Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New Frontiers in Busybodiness

A Maryland high school has banned two teens from their prom because they told a newspaper they plan to drink at after-prom parties.

Frederick County Public Schools spokeswoman Marita Loose said school administrators have "considerable latitude" to bar students from extracurricular activities under Maryland law.

She cited policy language that students may be disciplined for activities off school property if administrators believe the health or safety of the student may be compromised, or if school operations or activities may be disrupted. (h/t Wired)

OK, fine. But disciplining for an action that hasn't happened? Isn't that a bit like Minority Report? If a student says he's going to violate dress code next week, do you kick him off campus this week?

I am no fan of underage drinking (having barely survived it myself), but I'm even less a fan of adults role-modeling stupidity for our youth. More and more frequently, that's exactly what we see from our public school administrators.

And besides, how does someone named "Loose" get to be so up tight?