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Monday, April 25, 2005

Theocracy "Scare" Unwarranted

Michael Barone, writing in Real Clear Politics, lays to rest the Lib's fear that America is becoming a theocracy. If you can accurately call it a fear, that is; it's more a rant, a fund-raising headline. The article is clear and convincing. Here's the wrap-up:

In the United States, as pointed out by Phillip Longman in "The Empty Cradle" and Ben Wattenberg in "Fewer," birth rates are above replacement level largely because of immigrants. But, as Longman notes, religious people have more children than seculars. Those who believe in "family values" are more likely to have families.

This doesn't mean we're headed to a theocracy: America is too diverse and freedom-loving for that. But it does mean that we're probably not headed to the predominantly secular society that liberals predicted half a century ago and that Europe has now embraced.