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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Would The UN Re-Hire Strong?

Here's an obvious question on oil-for-food scammer Maurice Strong, from yesterday's UN press briefing:
Question: Maurice Strong, even if everything is cleared with the Volcker Commission over the next few months, is he ever coming back as a career representative or not? Or is he completely finished? Is this step-aside temporary or...?

Associate Spokesman
: I addressed this yesterday. He said he was stepping aside while the matter was. ... He means he’s stepping aside while the matter is being cleared. I am not going to go any further than that. ...

: But the Secretary-General now knows that he had these business dealings with TongsunPark, who has also had problems in the 70s and so forth. The Secretary-General now knows that, which may have reinfluenced him in taking him on in the first place.

Associate Spokesman
: I really have nothing further to add than what I have said.
It's a cryin' shame the Associate Spokesperson doesn't feel comfortable saying something like, "The UN would never re-hire a slime like that." But the real answer is more like, "We hire slime like that every day, because the General Assembly is, after all, made up largely of slime like that."

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