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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Give Him the Byrd

I was scanning the Charleston, WV Gazette for criticism of Sen. Byrd's Nazi/GOP comparisons -- nothing there! -- but did find this letter to the editor:
I was so happy that Delegates Linda Sumner, Kelli Sobonya, Patti Eagloski Schoen and Walter Duke are sponsoring a state bill that would prohibit the naming of any government-owned facility for a living elected official.

Sen. Robert Byrd has been instrumental in bringing federal funding to West Virginia projects, but this is in fact his job. He has been repeatedly elected to represent the people of West Virginia.

Byrd should take a proactive stand on this state congressional issue and ask that his name be removed from the myriad of highways, buildings, bridges, etc.

It was not his money that funded these projects, it was ours - the taxpayers. Does he not see how egotistical he appears to repeatedly allow his name to be placed on so many projects?

I hope the Legislature acts on this bill and returns Byrd and other elected officials to their proper standing - that of servants of the people.

Even better, Byrd should do the right thing, show a bit of modesty and publicly ask that his name be removed from this endless list.

Isn't he a bit embarrassed?

Unless someone takes a stand, I am afraid I will soon be living in the newly renamed South Charleston, Byrd State.

Roger D. Samples
South Charleston
Byrd Highway, Byrd Bridge ... good start, but there's so much more. Like the new neurological wing at the hospital, Byrd Brains. The new sewage plant, Byrd Poop. A new jail in Charleston? Byrd Cage. The new rose garden, Byrd in Bush (there may be two of these).

And this, just in from Asia: The chimney on the new municipal incinerator, Byrd Flue.