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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Doing the UN Sex Crime Dodge

More on sex crimes from today's UN press briefing. Note that the question goes unanswered:
Question: Stéphane, how many peacekeeping forces and UNHCR staff have exploited children in African countries? And my other question is about the mission of Mr. Fitzgerald -- with whom has he met in recent days and how long will his mission take?

Associate Spokesman
: I think you can expect Mr. Fitzgerald to continue for a further couple of weeks. But, obviously he will determine when he feels his work on the ground is completed.

We’ve not given you day-to-day update on his work, as this is an ongoing inquiry, but I do know that on his first day of work he met with the relevant Lebanese authorities who have been assisting him in the carrying out of his mission. And as for your other question, I don’t have numbers off the top of my head. This is, obviously, an area that is of extreme concern to the Secretary-General and to the UN as a whole. As you know, we’ve been very proactive in the last few weeks and months to track down any sexual abuse of children or civilians, and we’re determined to put an end to it, inasmuch as we can, with these new policies that the Secretary-General has put in place. And that’s obviously the message that the Deputy Secretary-General will be delivering in person to peacekeepers and civilian staff in the missions that she is visiting.
Key phrase: inasmuch as we can. Remember, all the UN can do is send a pedophile Peace Keeper home, where his country's court system may or may not take action. Given that the evidence may be half a world away, what are the chances these guys will ever be successfully prosecuted?

Of course some pedophile PK's come from upstanding UN member nations where justice is more swift and less fair than here in the US, so there still might be hope ....