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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

UN Sex Crimes Claims A UN Victim?

The UN Press Corps was full of speculation today that UN bureacrat William Swing, tasked with putting a stop to sex crimes by the Boys in Baby Blue, will be resigning when he returns to NY from Kinshasa, where he's reportedly busy cracking down on perverts. From the daily press briefing:
Question: One more question for you. Do you know when and if William Swing is going to resign?

Associate Spokesman
: Ambassador Swing is in Kinshasa, as you know, today. He will be on his way to New York tomorrow. We don’t expect him here before Thursday. While here, he will review with the Secretary-General and senior staff his plans to crack down on sexual abuse and exploitation in the [Democratic Republic of Congo], in the UN mission. There will also be a review of the success rate so far of the policies and how they have been applied.

As you know, recently there have been some far-reaching changes in the civilian and military structure of the UN mission, right down to the battalion commanders; a number of whom have been rotated out. In the context of that discussion, there will be a discussion on Ambassador Swing’s own plans for the future. But, at this point, he has not resigned.
I doubt very much if Swing's future has less to do with the rotating out of battalion commanders than it has with the shameful -- and most likely continuing -- behavior of pedophile Peace Keepers. My hunch: Swing resigns, then more bad news breaks.