Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, February 28, 2005

The Race Against Death

As Iraq reels between good news -- Syria finally overcoming denials and turning over harbored Baathists -- and bad -- 115 police recruits dead in a massive blast in Hillah -- it seems like the death throes of the insurgency are being witnessed. Intelligence capabilities are increasing, behind-the-scenes arm-twisting has grown more effective in Syria and elsewhere since the election, and al-Zarqawi finds himself increasing isolated, and increasingly dependent on recruits from as far away as Somalia and Europe.

In the same LATimes story linked above quotes Prime Minister Allawi in The Wall Street Journal today, saying Iraq "will continue to need and to seek assistance for some time to come."

As al-Zarqawi continues to become ever more reprehensible, as the people of Iraq continue to turn away from him and towards Democracy, that help must be forthcoming. This is no time for Teddy Kennedy and timelines; it is a time for complete commitment.