Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Constance Felos: Whoa!

We are told that attorneys and judges are better equipped to make the tough decisions than we are, and that an attorney convincing a judge to take a certain action is more likely to lead to good governance than would 535 elected representatives working to represent their constituents.

One attorney who has recently been involved in establishing important precedence is Constance Felos of Felos & Felos, the second fiddle on Michael Schiavo's lead lawfirm. What are her credentials to be smarter than you? What makes her a better judge than you of who should live and who should die?

Beats me.

I just read this article from the Tampa Bay New Times authored by the female Felos and it did not encourage me regarding the counsel she might provide in life and death matters. It involves her father, who died of infections after gangrene formed following colon cancer surgery:
If one looks for the metaphysical cause of colon cancer one finds the following mental equivalents: carrying of past hatreds; deep, secret, long-standing resentment eating away at the self; inability to digest and move prior 'toxic' experiences out of the body. And the cause of a gangrenous condition is: mental morbidity, the drowning of joy with poisonous thoughts. [I'm glad she's a lawyer, not a doctor!] So, what really killed my father was his deep, secret resentment and hatred, his inability to forgive, and release his attachment to the belief that life is disappointing, shameful and unloving. He searched and searched for another 'grandfather' in the form of a doctor to save him. But, it could never happen because the only way to 'save' ourselves is to eliminate the real cause of the problem. That process occurs within the self, not in some outside source. [The "look within" set don't seem to get it. They say all are problems can be fixed by looking within -- but what's within? All the problems we're trying to fix! I much prefer looking outside, but she says:] No matter how long and hard we search for something outside of ourselves to heal us, we will always come up empty handed.
To her, the only way for Terri to be healed is to eliminate the cause of the problem. Since she is the cause of Constance's client's problem, she has to be eliminated. And since Terri apparently does not have the mental accuity to run through Connie's convoluted, inward-looking thinking here, letting her die would obviously not be a problem for femFelos.

God save us from New Wavers.