Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More Zimbabwe Sanctions

Heartless friends of Robert Mugabe who profit from the misery of the Zimbabwean people have no friend in George W. Bush.

Today, in the middle of his (horrors!) six day vacation in Crawford, Bush blocked all property and financial holdings in the US owned by 128 people and 33 businesses and farms in Zimbabwe. Here's the president's statement:
"The government continues to suppress opposition groups and civil society, undermine the independent media, ignore decisions by its courts, and refuse to enter into meaningful negotiations with other political actors. Zimbabwe's parliamentary elections in March 2005 were not free or fair. Recent demolitions of low income housing and informal markets have caused 700,000 people to lose their homes, jobs, or both. Additional measures are required to promote democratic change." (source)
So this Thanksgiving, when your leftist brother-in-law or socialist second cousin rips into Bush for taking a couple extra "vacation" days, just ask him, "When was the last time you stood up for 700,000 oppressed people on your vacation?"