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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Raising Kayne, Helping Victims

As Kanye West accuses Bush of racism in the Katrina response, let's consider a couple things.

West chooses to ignore the murder, rapes and stabbings that his members of his listening audience perpetrated on tragic victims in the Superdome. West's music, with its anti-white conspiracy theories, at best does not discourage such behavior. And more likely, his lyrics encourage it. h/t Michelle Malkin

Under its own hurricane of criticism, FEMA is accomplishing much. To date:
  • 15,000 evacuations have been made from the New Orleans Superdome to the Astrodome in Houston and are continuing today to San Antonio for housing at Kelly Air Force Base. Evacuations will continue from Louisiana to Reunion Arena in Dallas, and Lackland AFB, Tex.
  • 2,000 patients have been evacuated from the New Orleans airport. Seven National Disaster Medical Service Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs) and 3 strike teams are supporting New Orleans medical facilities and hospitals not fully operational and setting up MASH-style tents. Five DMATs and 5 strike teams are working in medical facilities and hospitals in Gulfport, Biloxi and other areas of Mississippi.
  • Commodities delivered to date include:
    • 1.9 million MREs
    • 6.7 million liters of water
    • 1.7 million pounds of ice
    • More than 600 buses to transport evacuees
  • As of yesterday, there were 204 shelters with a population of 53,004. This number fluctuates daily.
  • More than 170,000 meals a day are being served throughout the affected areas.
  • 14,000 National Guard are on the ground in three states and an additional 1,400 will arrive today and 1,400 on Saturday to assist with security of victims and responders. A total of 27,000 members of the National Guard will be deployed to the affected areas.
  • 200 Border Patrol agents, 200 additional law enforcement officers from other Louisiana jurisdictions and 2,000 officers from neighboring states are assisting in restoring order in the streets of New Orleans.
  • Nearly 500 U.S. Corps of Engineers civilians and soldiers are working on the New Orleans levee breach and coordinating the transport of ice and water.
  • A Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is opening today in Bayou La Batre, Ala., and another tomorrow in Chatom, Ala.
  • FEMA is setting up a Joint Housing Solutions Center to bring together public, private and voluntary agency stakeholders to develop innovative funding and streamlined operational partnerships to address the short and long-term housing needs of disaster victims.
  • More than 7,000 people have been rescued – Urban Search and Rescue task forces have made more than 2,000 rescues and U.S. Coast Guard ships, boats and aircraft have been used to rescue approximately 5,000 people.
There is more heroism going on here than there is finger-pointing, but you wouldn't know it reading leftyblogs or many of the MSM accounts.