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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina Not Global Warming Evidence

I dared to criticize greenies for exploiting the human misery of Katrina to push their illogical global warming theories. My post generated negative comments, including allegations that my source (Tech Central) is not be believe because it is supposedly funded by Exxon/Mobile.

So once again, this is not a global warming disaster. Ironically, it was at a conference in New Orleans this March that the statement was made:
Tropical weather expert William Gray says nature, not mankind, is to blame for a period of increased hurricane activity that could last for another 20 or 30 years.

The Colorado State University professor, known for his annual predictions, will be the closing speaker tomorrow at the 27th annual National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans.

Gray said hurricane activity began increasing 10 years ago after a slack period of about 25 years.

He says faster-moving currents in the Atlantic Ocean produce more major hurricanes than slower currents, although they don't seem to have much effect on less powerful storms. ...

Gray also predicted a 69 percent chance that at least one major storm would make landfall in the United States.
Odd to think that this prediction was made in a city that is now devastated by the fact that Gray was right.

Source. h/t Greenie Watch